If you want to enjoy a sense of calm in the middle of chaos, then you should be treating yourself to a relaxing, retreating, and rejuvenating experience more often. One of the newest spas today is called the float spa and in there, you’ll be doing nothing but float needlessly in total silence and darkness in a bathtub infused with Epsom salt for one whole hour.  

Float Spa

Ideally, you should indulge yourself in this method of relaxation every week or so. Those who have tried it attested that it effectively clears up their mind. For them, it’s a great way to de-stress and meditate. Some people also claim that an hour spent in the float spa benefits them in many ways, from boosting their creativity to enhancing their athletic performance. Float spa is also a great way to address certain physical and mental health conditions. 

Where to Find the Best Float Spa 

Unfortunately for a lot of people, float spas are not seen very frequently in conventional health and recreation centers. You’ll most likely see them offered at specialized places, and it is often times provided as a treatment option for depression, chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. If you suffer from any of these conditions and you’re tired of taking medications to address them, try this more natural route instead. Many believe that a float spa can serve as drug-free treatments to the said conditions and it really works.  

How Does Float Spas Work? 

Float or flotation therapy was first used in the 1970s. Since then, its popularity has drastically escalated. More and more people got interested in this kind of therapy and it’s mostly because people are giving it great feedback. In a float spa, you get to relax in complete silence with minimal to no external stimulation.  

The therapy is usually performed inside a float tank that is placed in a candle-lit room with a shower and a bathroom. The first thing to do is to take a shower so that all body oils and lotions are washed away. They are also requested to protect any open wound and pop in a pair of earplugs before lowering themselves into the tub of lukewarm saltwater. They have the option to turn off the lights inside the tank and lower the lid so they can enjoy the full benefits of the spa. 

Why Should You Try It? 

Being enclosed in complete darkness, silence, and weightlessness is an entirely different experience. Once you’re inside, you just let everything go and you let everything be. Just float on the water in any way that you like and remove as much sensory input as possible. What’s more, the water inside the tank is set at a temperature that’s neutral to the skin receptors.  

Go to the best float spa near you and try this highly transformative experience. For many people, it’s their way of finding a deep sense of peace. For some, float therapy can trigger, activate, and transcend memories. The experience may even be so profound to some that they begin to stop smoking or drinking after a few sessions. As for you, you may even find the strength and courage to make a dramatic change in your life.