We all know, how the air conditioner works. It gives us the feeling of coolness throughout the uncomfortable and hot day. The air from the air conditioners words from the different small pipes inside with the help of internal to external compartment. These different parts have different functions on how to make the place very cool and cozy. It is very important that all these things will work correctly for a better and relaxing result. You may check air conditioning boca raton about this matter.  


As time passes by, we don’t notice easily that there are some particles hanging inside. It includes dusts, dirt, or even some dried moisture. This will result to a smelly odor coming out from your air conditioner. It will also reduce the coldness that the air conditioner is blowing.  If this won’t be stop and not be cleaned, this could possibly result to malfunctioning of your appliances.  

You don’t need to spend much money to have your appliance cleaned. You can do some simple steps and procedures to personally clean your own air conditioner. It will save you from wasting your money paying a lot to others and at the same time you would be able to equip yourself some knowledge about what to do and what you need to know.  If there is really something wrong with your air conditioner, this is the time to contact or ask for some help through asking or letting the professionals see your unit. In this way, they can figure it out what’s something wrong to your air conditioner.  

But, if you think that all you need to do is some cleaning to your aircon. You should probably try these ways. Remember to check every part. Every parts have different ways of cleaning it.  

  • Using a vacuum tool to clean the parts. If you are not so sure on how to open the air conditioner or maybe you don’t know much about unscrewing your unit. You could just clean your air conditioner using some vacuum cleaners. You can use the long pipe extra tool of this vacuum to sip all the dirt and dust inside of the air conditioner. You can use this one as well to get rid of the dirt and dust around you’re aircon. It sounds so easy but you need to be more conscious as it may not be as effective as what you think. If you are going to try this method, make sure that your air conditioner is well-cleaned every two months so that the dirt and dusts would not accumulate and you won’t have a hard time removing them from your appliance.  
  • Using the compressor. If you don’t have vacuum at home, there is another tool that you can use in cleaning this thing. Using the air compressor is also a good choice.  It can make your air conditioner’s internal part cleaner. Make sure that you are always careful in cleaning it.